Esmeralda Praia Hotel

One thousand and one (theme) nights

Yesterday in Italy, today in Brazil, tomorrow in the States - and this without leaving the hotel! The Esmeralda Praia Hotel dinners let you lose yourself in seven different culinary cultures every week. The smells, the tastes, the live music and the restaurant decorations: everything is planned to let you experience a diverse tradition every night.


Italian Night

Pizza, spaghetti and home-made gelato: who can resist? The spotlight of the night is a pasta spectaculary cooked on order in front of your eyes.


North-Eastern Night

Simple but tasty north-eastern dishes, a caipirnha and dancing live-played forrò with your partner: that’s the perfect Tuesday night!


Arabic Night

You are going to fall in love with the spiced, healthy Arabic cuisine. And don’t forget: belly dancers are an important part of the Arabic culture.


Chinese Night

In our culinary trip around the world, the Chinese tradition should not be forgotten. Not only rice and noodles, this cuisine is really empirior quality!


Brasilian Night

Beyond the north-eastern borders, Brazil has a whole lot to offer. Tonight you will taste some of the Brazilian delicacies, with a special highlight of the Bahia and Mina Gerais culinary traditions. 


Tex Mex Night

We could not neglect such an iconic cuisine as the Tex mex. Grab your soda and get ready for hamburgers, tacos and onion rings! And remember: it’s spicy!


Portuguese Night

Like a bridge between the Brazilian and European traditions, the Portuguese cuisine features full-flavoured, sophisticated dishes such as the pungent bacalhau and the aromatic Port wine.